Jessy Lanza (CA)

Saturday 29.10, Driv Stor, 22:00

Jessy Lanza is a producer and singer from Hamilton, Canada. Her 2013 debut, Pull My Hair Back, recorded with her partner Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys, established her unique, fully-formed pop sound. The album blended jazz chords with youthful memories of rave culture. She has since lent her voice to numerous producers, appearing, amongst others, on Caribou’s latest album, Our Love.

Her 2016 follow-up album Oh No was released via the Hyperdub label to great reviews and was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. She continues to work with Greenspan, merging the likes of house, electro and R’n’B, while evoking the slick sounds of ’80s pop, continuing to prove herself as a brilliant vocalist, composer and producer.