Jlin (US)

Saturday 29.10, Driv Hvit, 00:30

Jlin has established herself as one of the most prominent producers within the footwork scene today, a musical style that evolved out of Chicago’s street dance scene during the 1980s. Her 2011 track Erotic Heat was featured in Planet Mu‘s very own footwork compilation album Bangs and Works Vol. 2. By no means bound solely to the footwork sound, her debut album was released by Planet Mu in 2015 to critical acclaim. Pitchfork’s review stateed that Dark Energy “contains all the hallmarks of footwork: frenzied pacing, arrhythmic kick drums and a graphic command of blank space, executed with a clear-eyed self-determination. The music’s happy/scary tension taps into the thrill and release in activating anger.”

Hailing from Gary, Indiana, Jerilynn divides her time between music and working in a steel mill, claiming that she “can’t create from a happy place. It seems pointless in my opinion. I don’t make the tracks as much as I feel them. Creating, for me, is about feeling and impact” – something clearly seen in the co-existing extremes within Dark Energy.

Jlin’s live performances exude a unique, abstract energy with intricate drums and catchy hooks, promising to throw audiences off-balance and rendering them defenseless, with no other choice than to dance.