Thursday 27.10, Driv Café, 23:45

Kablam is Swedish-born producer and DJ Kajsa Blom. She has been heralded as one of the most interesting new talents of 2016 by both DJ-Mag and Fader. Since moving to Berlin in 2012 she has expanded her career as a DJ, building up a reputation as an innovative music producer.

Using Soundcloud, she has shared a wide range of experimental tracks which led up to her debut EP, Furiosa, out now on Janus Berlin. She enjoys experimenting with the more unlikely possibilities of music – of what a club environment is or how a dance floor looks and feels. Her rhythms are uncompromising, sometimes bordering on the extreme, blending small percussive sounds with booming distorted bass but never losing track of the groove. Kablam enjoys playing with and mixing contrasting genres, finding imaginative points of entry and combinations between sounds, using parameters in space rather than time to structure her music, thus creating a very physical experience. Kablam played festivals all summer, including Roskilde, so we are thrilled to present her at Insomnia this year.

Kablam is part of the SHAPE Platform.