Kassem Mosse (GER)

Friday 28.10, Driv Hvit, 02:00

There’s no one quite as visionary as Leipzig-based electronic music producer Kassem Mosse. His work blends techno with soul and house, taking the groove a bit deeper, making space for rhythmic play and icy melodic hooks while keeping the dance floor pumping. He fuses the best of German innovative techno with American and British dance music. His 2014 debut album earned him accolades from the international press who heralded him as one of the best techno acts that year.

Behind Kassem Mosse is Gunnar Wendel. Always keenly aware of the audience’s response, he creates intense, soulful experiences, matching his rhythms and sounds with the vibe of his audience.

After numerous collaborations and 12-inches, Kassem Mosse has recently released Chilazon on Honest John’s. His second album is right around the corner, perfect timing for his Insomnia performance.

Kassem Mosse is presented in collaboration with Reworks Festival in Thessaloniki, and as part of the We Are Europe project.