Klara Lewis (SWE)

Saturday 29.10, Driv Hvit, 22:45

Sweden’s Klara Lewis calls herself a sound sculptress, not a composer, and her music reflects this distinction, with sound molded into something new – sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, sometimes simply redefined. At first her music appears to be a simple blend of everyday sounds and instruments, but it’s quickly transformed into something intangible. For the listener, origin sounds are soon only a vague trace of the music, bearing clear marks of being sculpted, not recorded.

Klara’s 2014 debut was the critically-acclaimed album Ett on the Mego label. In early 2016 she followed this up with a new album, Too, also released on Mego. She has slowly moved from droney soundscapes into more rhythmic tracks, all focused on reshaping sounds. Even the kick drums and other percussive sounds become integral to a much larger sound canvas, indistinguishable from the other instruments, voices, samples or field recordings.

Lewis merges sounds to create sober, new narratives with a creative touch that few others can match.