Niilas (NO)

Thursday 27.10, Driv Hvit, 21:15

Over the past year, Niilas has gone from being a young aspiring Electronica producer from Bergen to establishing himself nationally across Norway. In summer 2015, he first introduced us to his urban and eclectic style through his first mix at P3Ruben, which was followed up by a mix for DJ Christine on P3. Niilas is often found amid the heavy and dark tones in clubs around Norway, always delivering a unique experience. At Insomnia he will be presenting a live set with visuals.

The 19-year-old DJ has also impressed us with his first release, Memoraids EP, which received 5/6 in Bergens Tidende, and was in high rotation on NRK P3. Several of the singles were also lauded by known trendsetters such as ID and VICE. Niilas has also been noted as “One to Follow” by BBC Radio 1 after playing there several times. With an EP out and remixes and edits by Sondre Lerche, Die Antwoord, Fergie og Verdensrommet, Niilas is a unique and creative new spark, not only in Norway’s music scene but internationally as well. All this in such a short time highlights Niilas’ potential, and his future shines of moist purple