Omar-S (US)

Saturday 29.10, Driv Stor, 01:15

Omar-S (FXHE Records) is described as raw and unfiltered, the antihero of dance music. Over the last ten years, he has emerged as an uncompromising figure in the dance scene. He made his debut as a music producer in the early-2000s, paying homage to his native scene in Detroit while establishing his own style.

His music makes clear references to the traditions of Detroit Techno and Chicago House, using old drum machines and synths, stripping down to the bare essentials of dance music. However, Omar-S is in no way stuck in the past. Rather, he uses these elements as building blocks, creating tracks with stunning intensity.

Today, Omar-S has released more than 20 12-inches and numerous albums, most of them on his own independent label FXHE. His album titles, It can be done, but only I can do it, Thank you for letting me be myself and, from earlier this year, The Best! indicate a confident and enigmatic persona.

As a DJ, he is known as the only one to release a Fabric DJ mix containing only his own tracks, which received high critical acclamation. This doesn’t suggest that Omar-S isn’t as versatile as a DJ, but rather it proves that he is an artist with unique courage and determination in his work.

Omar-S was one of a few selected to make a 500th Anniversary mix for Resident Advisor in December 2015, which he referred to as “a FXHE Radio Show”. Listen to him dance from genre to genre in his uncompromising style in the links below.

Insomnia would like to thank the crew at Jaeger, Oslo for working with us to make this show happen.