The Rattler Proxy (GR)

Friday 28.10, Driv Café, 02:00

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Suicide, the dark, synth-heavy soundtracks of John Carpenter films and the collected works of Barry De Vorzon, The Rattler Proxy explores urban alienation through their intense and claustrophobic soundscapes. Switching between pulsating electronic crawl, and digital rockabilly-esque freakouts, theirs is a world of back alleys and gang imagery, a rhythmic descent into a hellish, concrete landscape.

With cuts from their upcoming debut LP dropping over the past few months and receiving plays by Beats In Space, KCRW and the Boiler Room among others, 2017 promises to be an exciting year for the Rattlers as they showcase their own particular brand of sound. Expect their live performance to be stripped back, minimal and vicious, twitching and writhing to the beat.

The Rattler Proxy is presented by Reworks Festival in Greece and Insomnia as part of We Are Europe.