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Modular workshop with Gijs Gieskes
Oct 26 2017 | 16:30
workshop daytime
Dutch industrial designer and artist Gijs Gieskes is behind some of the most creative devices for audio and video processing for the eurorack format. According to himself, he knew almost nothing about how electronics worked when he started making them,...

Kit assembly workshop with Ewa Justka.
Oct 27 2017 | 16:30
daytime workshop
Join us for this workshop to build your own sequencing machine for you to take home. The Sequencing Machine is a pseudo modular DIY synth. Depending on the patch you make you can create different sequences. This simple yet versatile...

Film and Talk: Electro Chaabi + Activism in Music
Oct 27 2017 | 17:30
film presentation daytime
Electro Chaabi (2013, 77 min. Director: Hind Meddeb) While Egypt has traditionally been the beating heart of classical Arabic music, with legendary singers such as Oum Kalthoum and Abdel Halim Hafez, a new craze is taking over the Arab world’s...

Riot in the Matrix
Oct 28 2017 | 14:00
presentation daytime
Revolutionizing Communication and Ending Data Slavery Corporations and their applications control our identities and networks. They extract data of our sharing activities and communication to monetize it within the prism of surveillance capitalism. Services are offered at no cost, but...

“Turn it Down!” – Managing Night-Time Economies
Oct 28 2017 | 16:00
presentation daytime
Turn it Down! – Managing Night-Time Economies (Saturday, TVIBIT, 16:00) Entrance-Free! Recently, disputes between local authorities and cultural actors have been in focus. Both renowned club Fabric in London and closer, Blå in Oslo, have been engaged in disputes over...