Join the crew that makes Insomnia happen!

Insomnia volunteers are key to pulling this festival off each year. From ticket sales, production, cleaning, driving, making food, tending artists, hugs, and more, there's space for everybody on the team, and we need your skills!

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Volunteer roles include...

Clean-up Patrol: Walk around the festival area and make sure it looks great for the guests. Clear empty plastic cups, restock toilet paper, whatever's needed to keep the festival space festive. Bonus, you'll the see performances as you work!

Artist Contact: Be the personal connection between the festival and the artist while they're in town, from sharing tips, advice or directions about Tromsø, or passing along schedule updates.

Backstage: Help create a warm atmosphere for our artists in the backstage area. Bar and/or artist contact experience is a plus. Shifts will be from 23-26 Oct.

Runner: When somebody needs something – we need you! Runners are resourceful, reliable, and able to step into any role where we need you. Your shifts will likely be from 23 – 27 Oct. Driver's license is highly beneficial.

Driver: Winding your way through the streets of Tromsø, we need your help to make sure that the right people are at the right place at the right time. Drivers are largely required from 23 – 27 Oct.

Pre- or Post-Fest Patrol: We need efficient and self-reliant people to help set up and take down around the festival venues. Ideal for those who are available before (23-26 Oct) and/or after the festival (all day 27 Oct). We also need someone to help us with the Kick Off party 5th Oct.

Tech crew: Do you know what an XLR cable is? And are you not afraid to touch one? We need people with a tiny bit of technical experience to assist our technical manager - If this is you, please sign up!

Accreditation/Wardrobe: Help the crowd flow smoothly through the gates as you welcome guests, register accreditation and staff the wardrobe. Or, help our artists by looking after sales at the Merchandise table. Shifts will be during the festival, 24 – 26. Oct.

Cook: This year we there will be a team cooking the food for the volunteers and staff working at the venue. Shifts will be from 23-27 Oct.

What's in it for you?

Two/three shifts of your time (~14hrs) gets you a into our Kick-Off Party (5th October) free of charge, a full-weekend Insomnia Festival pass, free food during your shifts and this year's festival t-shirt! Plus, you'll get a very special invitation to our volunteer party on Sunday 20th October at Small Projects with punch and DJ . You will get the opportunity to build your skills and experience, while getting to know other folks with fantastic taste in music right here in Tromsø.

Most importantly though, you will officially become a part of our loving Insomnia family! For many, being a volunteer at the festival is the first step towards becoming a year-round Insomnia staff member!

NOTE: Due to alcohol licensing laws, all volunteers MUST be 18 years or older, no exceptions.

Apply to become a volunteer here!