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Film Screening: Sisters With Transistors
Oct 02 2021 | 18:00
film kick-off
SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today. Theremins, synthesizers and feedback machines abound in this...

Insomnia 2021 Kick Off
Oct 02 2021 | 20:00
dance concert party kick-off music art
Acts for the evening include a live set by international guest Evil Medvěd (Shape roster 2021) in collaboration with visual artist Keya Singh, who will create a live visual experience the entire evening. We are warming up with a dynamic...

Making Noises *__* with Evil Medvěd
Oct 03 2021 | 14:00
workshop music kick-off
An introduction to some of the fundamentals of sound and ways to apply sound synthesis methods and theory in music production. During this workshop Faolán McGowan aka Evil Medvěd will give an introduction to Sound Synthesis and to some important...

Creating Visuals with Keya Singh
Oct 03 2021 | 17:00
workshop art kick-off
"Everything I make is in an attempt to position myself in the world. I pose questions that I answer through video." - Keya Singh During the course of this workshop , she will briefly share how she makes this happen...

Insomnia Festival at Ishavskatedralen
Oct 17 2021 | 18:30
concert performance music
Join us for a very special double concert in Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) - a sonic mediation with composer and multidisciplinary artist Amosphère, and a devotional musical performance with the beautiful vocal artist Lyra Pramuk. Exploring a post-human, non-binary understanding...

Insomnia Festival 17. - 23. October 2021
Oct 17 2021 | 19:00
workshop music art seminar party concert insomnia-insights exhibition performance dance installation
Welcome to Insomnia Festival 20th Edition! In addition to a very special live concert at the Arctic Cathedral on the 17th (see own event), we invite you for 3 nights of live concerts and performances in Studenthuset Driv 21. -...

3D Characters x Experimental Animation in Unreal Engine, 2 days with Nurah Farahat
Oct 20 2021 | 16:00
Nurah Farahat is a 3D Generalist, a real-time/technical artist, and a VJ. She's also the co-founder of Cairo-based audiovisual collective "Mapping Possibilities". Her work ranges from developing VR simulations at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence-Bremen, to creating visuals/graphics for artists'...

Kurant x Insomnia
Oct 20 2021 | 17:30
art daytime installation performance exhibition music insomnia-insights
This year, Kurant9000 are happy to invite the Insomnia audience to intimate experiences in our space in Skippergata 20. For the past weeks, Tromsø Art Academy Student Matias Frøysaa has moved into Kurant9000 and built a space within the space....

CANCELLED!! Dancing stag, dancing stag (Danse staur danse staur) by Kartellet
Oct 20 2021 | 19:30
dance performance
THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED Dear audiences, we are sorry to tell you that tonight's performance "Dancing stag, dancing stag" at Rådstua is cancelled due to circumstances out of our control. Purchased tickets will be refunded by Hoopla. We look forward...

Festival installation, with 1SSD & Enolied, and Arttu Nieminen
Oct 20 2021 | 21:00
installation exhibition art insomnia-insights
The project «Digital caves X Plastic mirror» is a collaboration between multigenred artists 1SSD (Sergey Danilin) and Enolied (Roman Kamilov), who are searching the sounds in the former scientific city of Apatity and also inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian...

Our Collective Voices in the Machine - Vocal Synthesis with Jessika Khazrik
Oct 21 2021 | 16:00
Voice is the vibration and instantiation of life matter in space and in our bodies. Mediating affect and intelligence with music and/or prosody, our voice(s) can simultaneously express singularity and collectivity. Since the development of the early electronic media that...

Festival Exhibition: Rauki
Oct 21 2021 | 17:00
art exhibition performance insomnia-insights
Tromsø art academy and Insomnia Festival are pleased to invite to RAUKI, an exhibition presenting works by five students who are currently working towards their Bachelor degree. While Rurik Sjösten sets the tone for the exhibition by opening the evening with...

DRIV Concerts Thursday
Oct 21 2021 | 21:00
Join our night time program with live concerts at DRIV from 21. Experience five great artists, old and new talents, at two different stages. The line up for the evening includes two of this years up and coming talents from...

Research presentation and artist talk with Sébastien Robert
Oct 22 2021 | 15:00
seminar presentation insomnia-insights
The Lights Which Can Ben Heard Research presentation (with sound) followed by a panel talk and Q&A As part of the Insomnia Festival 20th Edition day program, Sébastien Robert will present his on-going project The Lights Which Can Be Heard,...

Sasusu Radio and Insomnia present DJ Sotofett - Free Event!
Oct 22 2021 | 16:30
Time: Friday. 16:30-18:00 Place: Just off the Circle K gas station, by the Tromsø Bridge With nods to sound system culture and informal gatherings by car – labelled “råning” in Norwegian, DJ Sotofett and Sasusu Radio invite you to come...

Commissioned Work: Bjarki (IS) + Mathilde Caeyers (NO) & Arttu Niemenen (FI)
Oct 22 2021 | 19:00
dance performance art music
Extreme Chill and Insomnia Festival have initiated a collaboration to engage one Islandic and two Norwegian artists to create a commissioned music piece to be performed at both festivals. For 2021 the selected artists are Bjarki, Mathilde Caeyers & Arrtu...

DRIV Concerts Friday
Oct 22 2021 | 21:00
We look forward to see you on the dance-floor Friday night!

Deep listening & Yin Yoga
Oct 23 2021 | 11:00
daytime concert insomnia-insights music
Welcome to this deep listening concert and yin yoga session with Sofie Birch and Jenny Sørensen Vaage! Sofie Birch is a sound artist and producer known for her extensive work with soft ambient releases, live shows, animation films and art...

DJ Workshop with O.Blom
Oct 23 2021 | 13:00
This is for anyone interested in DJ-ing and club culture, regardless of previous experience. This workshop will approach the craft of DJing and all it encompasses. There will be time to discuss and reflect on the electronic music scene, expectations...

Talkaoke With Ice9 - Food Narratives
Oct 23 2021 | 13:00
daytime seminar insomnia-insights installation
As part of Insomnia Insights we present a community event and dialogue table about food narratives, with members of the chef collective Rising Tide, award-winning author Tristram Stuart (online), food geographer Pierre Raffard, managing director of Holt Ecopark Ute Vogel,...

Talkaoke - a pop-up talk show about individual and collective solidarity
Oct 23 2021 | 16:00
daytime seminar insomnia-insights
As part of Insomnia Insights we present a community event and dialogue forum about individual and collective solidarity with Kurdish Musician and activist Mazlum Karatas, activist and member of the Palestina Kommittee Amalia Keck, and more. Facilitated by Ice9. Tromsø...

Film screening and artist talk with Larissa Sansour
Oct 23 2021 | 18:30
film seminar insomnia-insights art
Insomnia festival and Tromsø-Gaza days invite you to the screening of four fiction shorts (1h10m), followed by an artist talk and Q&A (50m) with Larissa Sansour, and co-director Søren Lind (online-video-presence). Moderated by Tanja Busse. The films A Space Exodus,...

DRIV Concerts Saturday
Oct 23 2021 | 21:00
music concert party
The closing night