Cloud: Exit 2022

Cloud: Exit 2022

Insomnia is pleased to share that the talent program Cloud: Exit has received support from Talent Norge and SNN for a new 3-year project period!

Cloud: Exit had its premiere in 2016 and since then has presented 3 new talents every year. These have each received a mentor, a scholarship and the opportunity to perform during the Insomnia Festival in October, and at other events. For this new project period, the selected talents will also have the opportunity to produce a commissioned work for NUFF (Nordic Youth Film Festival). Cloud Exit thus has the potential to function as a unique springboard in the talents' music careers.

This year's 3 talents were selected from a total of 16 incredibly good applications and their music is as varied as Insomnia's program itself.

Nonne is a Tromsø based psychedelic rock duo consisting of Gustav Eidsvik and Erlend Skotnes. Both artists have played together for a long time in other Tromsø bands. Now their desire to create something simple, real and honest resulted in nonne, in which Insomnia sees great potential.

Elfrida aka Grete Johanne Torvholm produces beautiful electropop. Her soundscape is cold and dramatic and at the same time warm and emotional. Elfrida's music aroused our immediate curiosity, Torvholm herself says that her music springs from a place between the soul and the subconscious, and calls the genre arctic synth pop.

Classical pianist and organ conductor Bjørk Eide from Bodø has produced magical ambient under the stage name Kinsella. It is not difficult to hear Eide's musicality in the beautiful and exciting soundscape and we are eager to hear what else she can create in the electronic sphere.

All three acts can be experienced during Insomnia festival this year, 20-22 October at Studentsamfunnet Driv in Tromsø.

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