First wave of the Insomnia Program

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Welcome to the 14th. edition of Insomnia Festival.

This edition of the festival will from October 16th. to October 24th. The reason for this long festival period is first of all the huge exhibition at Tromsø Kunstforening co – curated together with Meet Factory in Prague and Skanu Mezs in Riga funded by the EEA grants. We will also present some musical touch there as well.

The main musical program will be presented at DRIV and Verdensteatret Kino from Thursday the 22nd. – 24th.

We are opening of the main music program with the Tempestarii project by Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert with a live musical score by Stephen O´ Malley known from the bands like Sunn 0))), KTL, Thorr´s Hammer and many more. We are also delighted to fly in Paranoid London for a live performance with old analog gear and see the use of a TB 303 and Session Victim with their touch on disco and deep house music. On the other side we are proud to present Gazelle Twin and Smerz as a contrast to the dance music we have booked for this edition. Please follow us for updates and more acts.

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