Ata Kak (GHA)


Ghana’s Ata Kak made his first album as a demo tape in 1994, Obaa Sima, of which only about 50 copies were produced. It remained in obscurity until it was discovered in 2002 by New Yorker Brian Shimkovitz during his travels in Africa. Finding this tape sparked Shimkovitz’s creation of the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa, as well as a label dedicated to promoting African music. It would take Shimkovitz 12 years to track down Ata Kak himself, a quest featured in a BBC Radio 4 documentary.

The long-awaited reissue of Ata Kak’s original demo was made available last year, with Fact Magazine calling it the “most important reissue of 2015.” Over 20 years since its original release, the album still receives strong praise worldwide. “Daa Nyinaa”, a track from the tape, was also remixed by producer Noema and featured in a compilation album African Shakedown.

2016 has since been a prolific year for Ata Kak, performing at both Sònar Festival in Barcelona and Distortion Festival in Copenhagen among others. His music is addictive and intoxicating, and his onstage joy and charisma are guaranteed to deliver a room of smiling, dancing people.

Ata Kak is presented in collaboration with Sònar Festival.