Charlotte Bendiks (NO)


Charlotte is considered to be Tromsø’s most important DJ, traveling regularly to play shows across Norway and Europe. In addition to her DJ career, she has also built up a reputation as a skilled producer. Her debut EP, Afterhours, was released in 2013 on Love OD Communication, and soon followed up by Aurora EP in 2014.

Her musical production style reflects her interests as a DJ, highly influenced by early Chicago House and Latin beats. Charlotte’s music has an intense physical feel, perfect for a hot, intimate dance floor. Minimal and organic, pure in its form, her music focuses on the essential elements in dance music: beats and bass. She blends live vocals and percussion with programmed beats to give the music a spontaneous feel of immediacy.

At Insomnia she will be premiering a new live set with Jon-Eirik Boska on percussion.