Frédéric Gies & Fiedel presents: Shadowboxing
(FR & DE) (LIVE)


At Insomnia Frédéric Gies, together with German producer, DJ, and Berghain resident Fiedel will present ‘Shadowboxing’, an extended piece channeling years of research around club dancing as an art form.

Drawing from their former training in ballet, their encounter with specific trends of contemporary dance at the beginning of the 90s, their dance floor experiences in techno clubs and raves and their study of somatic practices, they approach form as possibilities rather than constraints.

“Shadowboxing takes club dance as a vast field of movement and poetic experimentation, and states that this form of dance is way more than just dancing around. Through the dance and the way it is interwoven with the music, various bodies and images take shape. My body becomes the channel for making other characters, creatures, and entities temporarily inhabit the dance floor”

The light design for Shadowboxing is taken care of by Thomas Zamolo, an eclectic artist whose practice is rooted at the intersection of photography, dance and lighting design. 

© Suzanne Caroline De Carrasco 2021