Joanna John (PL) (LIVE)


Joanna John – visual artist, composer, designer, author of installations and objects. Born in 1983 in Poland. Lives in Norway. The spectrum of her interests oscillates around the issues of time perception, imagination, mechanisms of memory, questions about the nature of the mind and the possibilities of escaping from the processes of interpreting the phenomena.

As a musician, she composes electronic music. She debuted with the album No End, released as an LP in 2018 by the Polish label Bocian Records. The second album Lynx (Interstellar Records, 2019) she recorded with Burkhard Stangl – a composer, a musician and a prolific performer in the world of electro-acoustic improvisation. We Are The Alchemy (Interstellar Records 2021) was a collaboration with Michał Stępień – a member of a black metal band Mgła. Since her debut, she has participated in numerous music compilations and has also lent her soundtracks to a few film productions.