It’s hard to keep track of the many names encompassed by the acronym N.M.O. This Berlin-based duo, made up of Barcelona’s Rubén Patiño and Norway’s Morten J. Olsen, create an amorphous collection of sounds that can only be described as an experimental deconstruction of music itself. They like to call it “Military Danceable Space Music” and/or “Fluxus Techno”.

Through Barcelona’s Anomia label they have released two albums, including the critically-acclaimed Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling (2014). In 2015 they released Tropocaliptic Excursions under the name Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz, followed by their Natalia Martinez Ordóñez EP under Natalia Martinez Ordóñez.

Upcoming releases include a double-12″ under Nordic Mediterranean Organization and Numerous Miscommunications Occur. An advance mixmag review writes that it “features the compulsive, propulsive motion we require from dance music, but bristles with contagious kinetic energy and spiky synth treatments.”

Following their philosophy of “as strict as possible”, N.M.O.’s live performances are far from conventional and promise to challenge audience experiences. Expect offstage performances and visual shows to engage even the most passive listener.