Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan’s performative, sonic art project under the moniker NAGAVER draws inspiration from the mythical Nagas, the highly intelligent, androgynous, shape shifters often depicted as half human and half snake endemic to Tamil Eelam. Exploring as well as Tamil film and folk music, and with his first LP “OBEY THE KING” releasing on Frøya records, also the realities of resistance, nation building and warfare inevitably inspired by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam drawing parallels to the genocidal annihilation of Tamil Eelam and the mythological eradication of the Nagas. Resulting in enthralling pieces that bring you on a journey through genocide, destruction loss and sorrow as well as transcendence, magic and celebrations of victory and hope.

Sonically this accumulates into Uruppaaddu. The name is derived from the ancient indigenous practice of Uruaadal which is ritual transcendence through sound, movement and smell.

© Suzanne Caroline De Carrasco 2021