Takkak Takkak (JP/ID) (LIVE)


Takkak Takkak is a new duo project by the Berlin-based Japanese screwball producer Shigeru Ishihara (aka Dj Scotch Egg, waqwaq kingdom, scotch rolex) and the Vilnius-based Indonesian junk multi-instrumentalist J. Mo’ong Santoso Pribadi (one half of Raja Kirik). Each artist is known and loved for their solo, idiosyncratic productions. Together they fuse their joyous and challenging sound worlds through a strong mutual interest in each other’s artistic expression.

The name Takkak Takkak is a nod to onomatopoeias in drum cultures and vocal percussion found throughout Asian cultures. It echoes the artists’ love of polyrhythms and explosive trance-inducing dance musics, which they slather with unabashed doses of low-end beats, screaming vocals, and wild energy – with a good joke brewing underneath. For Insomnia 2024, we’re excited to present Takkak Takkak on the SNN stage.

© Suzanne Caroline De Carrasco 2021