This year a big part of our programme will happen in Havneterminalen, right on the docks of Tromsø


Havneterminalen Prostneset
Samuel Arnesens Gate 5


Wednesday October 18th 17:00-21:00:

Anna & Mikelis Fisere
Sylwia Zytynska, Peter Ablinger & local youth
Alexander Rishaug & Ingrid Bjørnaali
Stian Westerhus

Thursday October 19th 19:00-20:30:
Transdisciplinary Impro Gathering

Friday October 20th 19:00-20:00:

by Anders Jakobsen and
Åsne Kummeneje Mellem
doors open 18:30

Saturday October 21st 13:00-15:00:
Soundscapes from Data

by Runar & Themis
doors open 12:30

Saturday October 21st 19:00-20:00:

by Charlotte Bendiks & Marita Isobel Solberg
doors open 18:30



This concert is a celebration of a two-year project, LYRA, which offers concerts without age limits and workshops on listening and music creation for young people in Tromsø and several cities in Latvia. Insomnia Festival in collaboration with a latvian festival Skanu Mezs curated a program that will be an experience for both young people and adults. We serve pizza during the break between performances.

Contributing artists:
Stian Westerhus (NO), Alexander Rishaug (NO), Ingrid Bjørnaali (NO) Anna & Mikelis Fisere (LV), Nidia (PT), Sylwia Zytynska (PL/ CH), Peter Ablinger (AT) and youth from Tromsø.

Wednesday October 18th 17:00-21:00

Are you between 10 and 18 and want to participate in a workshop from Peter Ablinger and Sylwia Zytynska? check this LINK

Transdisciplinary Impro Gathering

Improvisation as a versatile and humble interaction with our surroundings, embodied landscapes and things. Intuition as a situated listening articulated by our voices and bodies.

Thursday October 19th 19:00-20:30

Sound from Shape


Åsne Kummeneje Mellem and Anders Jakob– sen focus on the intersection between sound, space and shape. They combine fine arts, architecture and electronic music in a wooden structure, with motorized mallets mounted on it. The work aims to create an alternative space to experience sound.

Anders Jakobsen is an architect and electronic musician from Tromsø, exploring the borders between noise and harmony.

Åsne Kummeneje Mellem is a visual artist from Tromsø, investigating the relationship between tradition, identity and knowledge.

Friday October 20th 19:00-20:00

Soundscapes from Data


We wish to spark your curiosity about science by showing you how data sounds. We sonify data that shows the value of ingredients from the ocean. Stuff that would otherwise go to waste. The soundscapes project combines scientific rigour with artistic expression. The result surprised us immensely. We can’t wait to share it with you. Nerdometer level: 11

Saturday October 21st 13:00-15:00



Gangere is the intuitive process where Charlotte Bendiks and Marita Isobel Solberg don’t draw lines between emotional and practi-

cal work, but stay in fluidity. While moving together and navigating through the world, through highs and lows, they are finding a musical language between themselves and the world. Saying; We are who we are, a powerful togetherness. We are nature.

Saturday October 21st 19:00-20:00: