Insomnia Festival is also a great place to learn new perspectives and skills. Check out these seminars and workshops for more:

Live Performance Techniques with Zesknel

Zesknel, who is set to perform at the festival, will share his valuable expertise on live performance techniques. He will offer insights and firsthand experience related to various tools, encompassing both software and hardware, that are applicable in live performances, as well as some useful tips and tricks.

As for the workshop format, we aim to create a hands-on experience that blends knowledge sharing with practical application. This setup will allow ample room for interactive dialogue, enabling participants to exchange knowledge and pose questions effectively.

The participation is free of charge.

The workshop is part of the talent program Cloud:Exit, supported by Talent Norge and Samfunnsløftet.

Parkgata 27, 9008 Tromsø

Thursday October 19th 16:00-18:00

Hosted by Zesknel

Register HERE

The International Seminar: Safer Spaces in Tromsø

With open invitations extended to Tromso’s major festivals, clubs, organizers, the music industry, the municipality, and the local clubbing scene’s audience, we are initiating a vital dialogue. Our aim is to explore our collective understanding of a safer and inclusive environment within Tromso’s context. We will delve into the practices that underpin our efforts to ensure the well-being of our audience when orchestrating and executing events and gatherings.

During this discussion, we will address several pivotal questions:

What is our shared concept of a safer space in Tromso? What practices do we currently employ to provide a safe atmosphere for our audience? What gaps exist in our knowledge and policies that require attention? How can we foster greater cooperation and collaboration within our community to enhance safety in Tromso’s club scene? This conversation will adopt the format of the “Talkaoke” pop talk show, where all voices are welcomed and encouraged to contribute their perspectives. To enrich this discourse, we are glad to host our partners from KFP Awareness and the Group Therapy group, who will share their invaluable insights and practices at the discussion table. Together, we aspire to create a safer and more inclusive club scene in Tromso.

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, 9008 Tromsø

Thursday October 19th 19:00-21:00


Co-hosted by The International Seminar, KFP Awarness and Group Therapy

Technosomatics Workshop With Frédéric Gies, Music by Fiedel

Technosomatics is a movement practice developed by Frédéric Gies who shares it in various workshop formats. It consists of a collective and individual exploration of the endocrine glands (the major chemical system of our body) and the chakras (energy centers) through club dancing to techno music as wells as the opposite: an exploration of club dancing while embodying the endocrine glands and the chakras. The practice connects to both the field of somatics (movement education practices) and to techno club/rave dance cultures. It originates in Frédéric Gies’ encounters with diverse somatic practices, and in their dance floor experiences. As a form of meditation in movement, it explores trancelike states of consciousness and acknowledges the healing potential of the act of dancing. It also approaches club dance as a tool for self-discovery and for expanding the range of our perceptions.

Blackbox at Rådstua
Vestregata 48, 9008 Tromsø

Friday October 20th, 14:00-17:00

Register: LINK

Basics of Sound Synthesis

The workshop with BULLFROG – an educa– tional electronic music instrument created by Erica Synths & Richie Hawtin, will provide a well-rounded understanding of sound synthe- sis and electronic music production on analog synthesizers. The workshop will be hosted by KODEK – electronic music producer and performer and Erica Synths team rider. BULLFROG is designed to captivate and inspire both youth and professionals alike by inviting you to unlock your musicality and combining the thrill of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience.

Parkgata 27, 9008 Tromsø

Saturday October 21st, 15:00-17:00

Hosts: KODEK, Erica Synths