Throughout the festival there are exciting things happening all over Tromsø. Here’s an overview:

Sáme Tjuoja (Sámi Sounds)

In collabration with Small Projects, Insomnia Festival have invited the sami composer and sound artist  Ánndaris Rimp from Göteborg(SE)/Oalloluokta(SÁ) to have a residency at Small Projects.

 Rimpi often works with multichannel soundscapes and have created works for eg. Carte Blanche, Venezia biennale, Hålogaland Theatre, Det Norske Teater, Documenta14 and National museum. Often in collaboration with other sámi artists such as Joar Nango, Siri Broch Johanssen and Elle Sofe Sara.

 He works with electroacoustic works and will present an 8 channel focused listening music and sound installation.

Program at Small Projects October 17th-21st

Grønnegata 23, 9007 Tromsø


Tuesday 17/10 20.00-21.00 – Sámi Sounds #1  Consert / Reading
Ánndaris Rimpi / Sigbjørn Skåden

Wednesday 18/10 21.00-22.30 – Sámi Sounds #2 Consert / Reading
Johan Sara jr / Bernt Bjørn

Friday 20/10 20.15-21.00 – Sámi Sounds #3 – Šuvva consert
Herborg Rundberg & Johan Sara jr
In collaboration with Šuvva

Saturday 21/10 11.00 -17.00 – “Birástiddje beljustallam” Sámi Sounds #4
Sound installation by Ánndaris Rimpi. Focused listening.

11.15-12.00, 12.15-13.00, 14.15-15.00, 15.15-16.00, 16.15-17
With support from Dáiddafoanda

Saturday 21/10 20.15-21.00 – Sámi Sounds #5 – Šuvva consert
Elina Waage Mikalsen & Ánndaris Rimpi
In collaboration with Šuvva

OMVF: Music Video Programme

Through our collaboration with Oulu Music Video Festival, we’re happy to screen a selection of finnish music videos curated by Mesak (who is also playing in DRIV this year). It’s happening in Backbeat on Saturday.

“Here´s some very finnish-looking finnish music videos! When I was
asked to make a video selection for the festival I started looking for
videos from the underground (electronic) music section. Soon I noticed
that nearly all of the music videos within in the genre shared very
similar DIY aesthetics. Although musicwise the Jimi Tenor song is rather
soft pop it still has the same cute home made vibes as the more rough
song by Keuhkot. Even the “bigger budget” videos (Acid Kings or
Tähtiportti) have similar primitive approach in their script, filming
and general realization. Finally visually very beautiful work, the
pseudo-animation for Koelse, is ruined with the raw noises – ie the

– Tatu Metsätähti aka Mesak

OMVF at Backbeat
Vestregata 3, 9008 Tromsø

Saturday October 21st, 17:00-18:00