By applying to become an Insomnia volunteer I hereby agree to the following:


• I will show up for my volunteer shifts wearing my 2023 Insomnia t-shirt and accreditation (as uniform) for the hours agreed.

• I will show up for my shifts on time and remain sober and on-duty until dismissed by my team leader when my scheduled shift is over.

• I will make sure to inform the volunteer coordinator if I am prevented from showing up for my shift due to sickness etc.

• In case of an emergency, I will contact my team leader and/or the Insomnia Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible so that they can make changes to cover my absence.

• I will not consume alcohol while wearing my accreditation or Insomnia t-shirt.

• I understand that while I am on-shift for the festival, I am representing Insomnia, and will not act in a manner that could discredit the festival.

• I permit Insomnia Festival and its media partners to photograph and/or film me at the venue during work shifts and understand that those images may be used in current or future marketing and promotion materials in print or online media.

• I understand that professional confidentiality also applies to volunteers, and that only festival staff are authorized to give statements to media, unless otherwise directed.

Violation of any of these obligations will be considered a breach of contract and can result in confiscation of my festival wristband, being invoiced (in part or whole) for the festival wristband plus an additional administration fee of NOK 200, and rejection of volunteer applications to future Insomnia events.

In exchange for volunteering my time I will receive the following:

• a festival pass, allowing me free access to concerts at DRIV during the festival week;

• a free Insomnia 2023 t-shirt and lanyard with my Insomnia volunteer accreditation;

• one meal per shift;

• an invitation to the Insomnia volunteer party, more info will be announced later.

• good times with music-loving people, lots of dancing, fun and love!


Following the new privacy policy (GDPR) you also agree that Insomnia can save your personal information and retain information for up to one year after registration. The information will not be shared with anyone else, and you may at any moment contact us to have access to the information we hold, or to have it deleted.

By submitting my volunteer application through Insomnia’s application form, I agree that I have read this document in its entirety and agree to follow all guidelines listed above.



Insomnia Festival 2023