Supported by a dedicated and passionate team since 2002, Insomnia remains a festival fueled by love that has forged friendships worldwide. Welcoming challenges and curiously embracing risks is in the DNA of the festival РInsomnia itself is an experiment, established because the north needed a meeting point for electronic music and contemporary sounds. We are a place to gather, dance and experiment, all the while helping the electronic music scene of the north thrive. Insomnia Festival strives to continually push the limits of electronic music culture by providing a platform for both emerging talents and established artists to explore and experiment. With a multitude of collaborations running throughout the year, the Insomnia team also aims to expand the horizons of the electronic music community beyond the primary festival. Insomnia Festival is a non-profit event, with our main goal to create an artistic melting pot and an important platform for innovative artists above the arctic circle.

The Festival also combines new music with new technology and design through public seminars during the festival. It takes shape through live concerts, dj/club events, seminar, workshops, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates.